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Who we are

We are a bunch of passionate software designers, analysts and developers with diverse backgrounds and experience. Some of us love the web side of software development, some mobile, some like doing the Server side and backend stuff, some know how to manage projects and some know how to run a business. Some are just borderline crazy and do it all. :-)

What we do

6Simplex is a GIS cloud services & application Company. Spatial Analysis & Visualization, telling stories with maps, exploring relationships between location & MIS data, and building applications to meet your workflows is what we do. So, we create GIS applications of all kinds for our users. We help them understand their needs, the problems they face, the data they have, what they actually need, improve how they work and make best use of GIS technology for meeting their goals.

Our capabilities

Our users come from many different sectors and backgrounds, and have many unique and interesting problems that they need us to solve. We are glad to be able to help them with as many aspects of their projects as practically possible, From drafting vision documents to enumerating business goals to improving workflows to bringing their own people on board to helping adopt software development best practices to guiding them on general technology adoption, we have done it all and would love to continue doing it.

As for GIS, where do we begin? Just look at our Services and Products and you’ll understand. But to mention a few keywords: Desktop, Server, Web, Mobile and Enterprise GIS, ArcGIS (big time - we are proud ex-Esri and a business partner after all), Open source GIS, customization of any GIS platform using Java, JavaScript, Android, blah blah blah..... its a long list. Want to know more? Why don’t you just get in touch?

Our Services

GIS Web Application Development

We design and develop browser based mapping, analysis and visualization applications that consume enterprise and cloud mapping services.

GeoDatabase Design

We design relational and GIS databases (geodatabases). Design of geodatabases also include artifacts such as data models, feature class domains, sub-types, topology, network datasets, etc for any vertical.


We design and build GIS based Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) that power data and spatial analysis services. These are used by GIS web, mobile and desktop applications.

Our GIS SOA activities also include creating data architecture and data sharing frameworks, and guiding users in their data organization and data modeling activities, specifically to link GIS and MIS data.

Customizing or Extending ArcGIS

We develop custom extensions to Esri's ArcGIS platform, using Java and .NET. Custom extensions allow developers to add functionality to ArcGIS desktop and Server products such as ArcGIS Engine, Desktop and Server using the all powerful ArcObjects API.

Migration from older GIS versions to newer

We help users migrate from legacy ArcGIS 9.3.1/10.0 platforms to the modern ArcGIS 10.x Engine, Desktop and Server platforms.

This often involves moving data from file based sources to database servers (SDE) and moving GIS functionality from desktop environments (ArcGIS Engine custom apps or ArcMap extensions) to web (Javascript API) and server (extensions and GP tools) environments.

Data Visualization

We build intuitive and interactive visualizations for decision making and gaining deeper understanding of GIS and MIS data and their underlying patterns and relationships.

Mobile applications

We building mobile applications, using ArcGIS Android SDK or Google Maps API, for collecting data in the field and provide advance GIS editing capabilities such as split/merge. Check out our Revelo product, to know more.

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