Who We Are

6Simplex is a Geospatial Products & Services company with over 17 years experience designing and building GIS applications.

We serve

customers in many different Government and Private sectors and solve unique and interesting spatial data management, analytics and workflow problems using Esri’s ArcGIS and Open Source GIS technologies.

We do

full stack GIS and our team comprises passionate Software Designers and GIS Analysts and Developers with diverse backgrounds and experience.

Cool Web Apps

Some of us love designing and developing cool web apps, some mobile, some like doing the Server side and backend stuff, some know how to manage projects and some know how to run a business.

Time Bound

The remaining are just borderline crazy and do it all.

What we do

Our Core Competencies

Our Work

Our Government Partners


The Spatial Data Lifecycle Management Platform. Tailoring GeoSpatial technologies to the realities of your business, and not the other way round...