design, plan, execute, monitor Field Surveys and their precious data


Why Revelo?

Have you ever faced any of the following questions while collecting data in the field? If yes, then Revelo is the answer you have been looking for.


How can I enforce my organization's business rules on to data collection activities?


How can I easily validate Survey’s incoming data and then control how they are merged into my master database?


How can I divide my Survey’s geographical area into sub-areas, assign it to different individuals, teams, or vendors, and track their progress?


How can I manage and track the activities, progress, compliance, and billing of my field workers or vendors, while they are collecting data in the field?

Money & Equipment

How can I track all expenses incurred by my teams or vendors, in their respective areas, and resources such as expensive hardware equipment, vehicles, etc allocated to teams or vendors??

How does it work?

Revelo supports the entire field survey life cycle, as follows:

Step 1. Plan Survey

As Survey Manager, use the web application to

  • Create a Survey
  • Choose data entities to collect data for
  • Define data validation rules
  • Divide Survey into Areas as needed

Step 2. Assign Resources

As Survey Manager, assign required resources to the Survey, such as

  • workers or vendors to survey areas created in Step 1
  • software
  • equipment, etc
  • Mark the Survey as started.

Step 3. Collect data

As Field Worker, use the Android application to

  • Log into the Survey
  • Download assigned area
  • Collect geographical and other data. The app will enforce data validation rules
  • Log in expenses as incurred
  • Upload data when done

Step 4. Verify Data

As Survey Manager, use the web application to

  • Monitor incoming data on a live web map, per worker or vendor, per area
  • Check for duplicates, verify, request re-collection if required
  • Monitor expenses against the Survey budget
  • Monitor performance and compliance of workers or vendors
  • When done, mark the Survey as complete

Step 5. Accept Data

As Survey Manager, use the web application to

  • Use Revelo's visual tools to merge data into master database



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