Over GeoSpatial Technology, Data, Field activities

1. Tailor Technology to your Business Needs
  • Make your tech stack smart to automatically modify itself to meet changing business needs
  • Make data acquisition and management tools adapt to the changes

2. Make Field Users Accountable
  • User trails provide evidence of attendance at right location
  • User trails provide evidence of attendance at right location

3. Prevent data fraud by GeoFence
  • Ensure data is collected at right location attendance at right location
  • Ensure pictures are taken at right location

4. Leverage Location data
  • Use customized tools for capturing & analyzing Location Data
  • Use Location Analytics to make decisions
  • Take advantage of Spatial Dashboards & Reports

5. Monitor field activities
  • See where your field staff is going via near real-time user trails
  • See what data they are uploading and when

6. Monitor resources
  • Track state of resources and expenses made on them
  • Track changes to resources in near real time
  • Monitor financial and logistical aspects of data acquisition

7. Overcome network issues
  • Collect data without Internet connection Let Revelo accumulate data and upload when connection becomes available.

8. Make decisions using facts
  • Get deeper insights into Location Data via Configurable Dashboards. Make better decisions via Dynamic Reports. Create printer friendly Reports and instantly share.

9. Be resilient to Change
  • Make your GIS platform adaptable to changing business needs. Let Revelo manage changes to the underlying GIS and Data Platforms

10.Be Self sufficient
  • In your GeoSpatial Technology stack. In managing your Data. In making decisions using Data.