Enforces business rules over GeoSpatial and other Data

1. Manage Data based on Business Needs
  • Tailor the data acquisition and sharing based on exactly what you need
  • Execute data cleaning and modification algorithms

2. Dynamic Schema Changes
  • Make changes to data schema changes without disturbing existing services
  • Let Revelo transfer those changes to the Field staff and incorporate into Analytics

3. Automatic Data Validation
  • Real-time enforcement of Business rules
  • No manual intervention required

4. Automatic prevention of Duplicate Data
  • All Data uploads are filtered
  • Ensures Data integrity and quality
  • No matter how many users collect data

5. Data Integration
  • Read data from external or partner data sources
  • Consume spatial data from open source and proprietary platforms
  • No need for database or systems expertise for consuming external data

6. Enrich Insights into your Data
  • Fuse external and internal data securely for richer analytics and insights