Less manpower/resources, Higher returns, Unlimited Data

1. Use less Technical manpower
  • Reduce your dependency on hard-to-retain GIS technicians Focus on your domain
  • Let Revelo manage technical aspects of GIS
  • In house staff with little GIS background can operate Revelo

2. Get higher RoI
  • Revelo license cost is not tied to hardware capacity (processor cores)
  • Get higher returns on your GeoSpatial Technology investment
  • Get higher returns on your Data acquisition and analytics efforts

3. Deploy unlimited number of Users
  • Field staff
  • Analysts
  • Contractors
  • Surveyors

4. Use generic smartphones
  • No need to purchase high end devices
  • Can use generic devices that field users

5. Collect unlimited amount of Data
  • Spatial data (points, lines, polygons) and attributes
  • MIS data (records)
  • Contractors
  • Pictures, Videos

6. Create unlimited number of Dashboard & Reports
  • Configurable and Downloadable
  • Track changes to resources in near real time
  • Let Revelo give a unique perspective of the Data to each hierarchy Role